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Hiroki F. Kurenuma - LEED AP, CGC1520519, CPC1458328, CFC1430080
​Hiroki began his construction career over 15 years ago, learning invaluable field and managerial lessons along the way. As a Superintendent for multiple large construction companies, he has physically built and also directed teams in the complete building of schools, hotels, restaurants, pools, fountains and private residences. Hiroki is a Certified General Contractor and a Certified Commercial and Residential Pool and Spa Contractor in the State of Florida. His vast experience and knowledge as a CGC allows him the ability to see the big picture, focusing on the process of the job with the end result in mind. When it comes to his craft, Hiroki is a perfectionist and his detail-oriented mindset carries over throughout the entire Kiso Group Team. He is passionate about his work, his company and most importantly, his clients. To Hiroki, there are no "little things".

A Miami native, Hiroki holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with a minor in Business Management from the University of Florida. Born of Cuban and Japanese parents,Hiroki is fluent in English, Spanish and conversational in Japanese. He is married to Julie, and together they have a daughter, Jordan and son, Hunter. 

Oscar Rodriguez
Sales & Operations Manager

From owning and running his own companies, to managing numerous sales teams, Oscar's natural ability to grow businesses began over 20 years ago. His experience owning a construction company, along with the skills honed with Kiso Group, enables Oscar to have a full hands-on approach to helping our clients' visions come to fruition from inception to completion. His leadership was brought to Kiso Group in 2014, and has taken numerous roles such as field supervisor, tradesman and and mostly recently, Director of Sales and Operation. Oscar is married to Veronica, and together they have two sons, Logan and Ryder. 

Michael Weingarth
​Michael has been in the construction industry for 12 years. Beginning his early career as a handyman, he learned numerous trades and honed his skill set to become proficient as a plumber. Michael was also an AMR Installer with FPL for two years. He joined the Kiso Group Family in 2015 as a Field Superintendent, and takes great pride in bringing clients' visions into reality. His exceptional work ethic and attention to detail makes Michael an asset to Kiso Group's Team. Also a Miami native, Michael is of Cuban and German descent, and has three daughters, Alexa, Alyssa and Aleyna.

Lanae James
Project Manager

​​Lanae has 5 years of experience with vendor operations, project management and administrative responsibilities. She has also managed youth and adult teams, and has been demonstrating her leadership and organizational skills at Kiso Group since 2016. Originally from Arizona, Lanae moved to West Palm Beach to play NCAA collegiate volleyball at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She received a Bachelors degree in Physical Education, Exercise Science from PBAU. She and her husband, Matt relocated to Miami in 2015. 

Katie Moon
Marketing Manager and Business Development

Katie has 10 years of experience in directing sports programs, administration and marketing responsibilities. She has proven her leadership abilities as well as her ability to work alongside others to help businesses grow. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida International University. Katie and her husband Tim have two children, Summer and Deegan. 

Kenji D. Kurenuma
Chief Financial Officer  
​​Beginning with Kiso Group since inception, Kenji has been instrumental in managing the company's financial division. He has over a decade's experience in vendor qualifications, project forecasting, financial bonding and banking communication. He bleeds orange and blue, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, with a minor in Economics and a Master's Degree in International Business, all from the University of Florida. Kenji currently resides in Gainesville with his wife, Dr. Krystal Bittar Kurenuma and their three daughters, Kai, Kloe and Kali. 

Julie Doan Kurenuma
Marketing & Brand Management

​Julie has nearly 15 years of professional marketing experience. From building and creating websites, to social media management and branding for numerous companies. She's been instrumental in helping to create businesses from inception and grow them through managerial leadership, advertising and brand exposure. Julie was born and raised in Miami, and earned a bachelor degree in Marketing while playing volleyball in the NCAA Division I program at Florida International University. 


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